Thursday, July 10, 2014

Woodbine Coffee Company -- Tasty, Cool, And In My 'Hood

On Nov. 25, 2014 Woodbine Coffee Company announced that it was closed until further notice. The space has been emptied of fixtures and furniture, so the assumption is that if it reopens, it will be somewhere else. Although there are various rumors about the cause, I don't have any confirmed details. In any event I am sad to see it go. It was much more appealing than other coffee shops in the area, and the owner and staff were always friendly. I had become a semi-regular for both leisure and working remotely.


In early 2012, one of the storefronts on Nolensville Pike in the Woodbine area was covered with brown paper and had a notice that the Woodbine Coffee Company was Coming Soon! I live nearby, and while this neighborhood has lots of tasty ethnic restaurants and food stores, it has definitely lacked a friendly coffeehouse. I was more than ready for a good coffee-and-snack option near home. Then time passed, and time passed, and ... I assumed the project never got off the ground.

A few months ago, though, word began to circulate that progress was being made. In late May the doors were open; I was very excited. Due to everything else going on in my life, though, it wasn't until July 4 that I finally had the chance to drop by. I'm pleased to report that I've been back several times since, and look forward to my next visit.

The shop itself is quirky and fun, with found-object and reclaimed-material decor. It is spacious and there is plenty of light from the shopfront windows. Seating varies from couch and armchairs to tables arranged in front of church pews with chairs on the opposite side. There are even a few bar-height counters with stools,

and a couple of cafe tables on the sidewalk out front. This is a coffeehouse that would not be out of place in any hip Nashville enclave you care to name, but it's not pretentious or twee. Also, like any good modern coffee shop, WiFi is available for those who need to be connected. The staff is friendly and pleasant, as well.

But what about the coffee? you ask. It's excellent. The simple menu of coffees and espresso-based drinks is available hot or iced, and there are a number of house-made syrups if you want a flavor boost. I have to say I do NOT have a finely-tuned coffee palate, but this is some of the best coffee I've had. I prefer a dark coffee or an espresso-based drink, and the iced lattes I have had have been great. They had a nice deep flavor but were also smooth. There are two specialty drinks which have gotten a lot of buzz:  The Sabal, an iced drink which is made with coconut milk, ginger syrup, and lemon zest, and the Sule, which is a latte made with rosemary vanilla syrup. I have not tried these yet, nor have I tried any of the pour-over coffees or the teas. Those will come with colder weather ...

Woodbine Coffee Company also has a small roster of excellent food options. The choices change daily to some degree, but when I've been there have always been a selection of scones and croissants, as well as quiche, cinnamon rolls, and macarons. If you visit later in the day and want something more substantial, there are usually a few salads and other dishes such as rosemary garlic potatoes and cilantro lime quinoa.

On my first visit I got a blueberry lemon scone, and it was good. My second visit I got a pastry labeled "ham and cheese croissant," but the filling was really a pimiento cheese with a definite kick. It wasn't what I was expecting but it was delicious.

On my third visit I opted for a goat cheese and mushroom quiche.

Let me tell you about me and quiche.

Back in the 80's, during part of the Golden Era Of Quiche In America ... I made a lot of quiche. I worked for a couple of restaurants where I was chief quiche maker. By and large we followed Julia Child's recipe. That experience made me very picky about quiche. So many people, even restaurants, make it incorrectly or just badly. I rarely have quiche that I don't make that I really like.

I loved this quiche. I would go so far as to say it was the best quiche I've ever had. Made in a traditional tart pan, it had a good crust that was not soggy. The egg custard ... oh my. The flavor from the mushrooms and goat cheese was terrific, and that alone would have sold me. The texture, though, was the lightest, silkiest quiche custard I have ever had. A subsequent sampling of the classic Quiche Lorraine proved that the previous quiche had not been a fluke.

I look forward to many morning and afternoon visits, and to sampling even more drinks and food.

Woodbine Coffee Company, 2519 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Parallel parking available on the street and a parking lot off the alley in back.


Jackie Crawford said...

I was so excited for this coffee shop to open up. It's such a great addition to the neighborhood. I have tried their scones, cookies, and croissants. Now I need to try the quiche!

TLF said...

You won't be disappointed!

amy (fearless homemaker) said...

I've been seeing lots of conversation about this spot on twitter, so I need to try it out next time i'm in the area. Sounds fantastic! And I'll be all over that ham + pimento cheese croissant. YUM!

TLF said...

Yes I tried to get a Twitter group together for Saturday coffee, but no takers. It would be a nice place for a meet up. said...
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